Military-Grade Propaganda

John Gretton “Jocko” Willink, Jr. looks like a jock, if a jock joined the Navy Seals, fought in Iraq, and still couldn’t figure out his role in the military’s billion dollar propaganda machine. Below you’ll see ten tweets where I quote a Jocko (“JW”) interview with Tim Ferriss and explain exactly where JW fails. Read from left to right, and give the page a few extra seconds to fully display the photos.

I’ll end with a cautionary quote from Vietnam veteran Paul Coates: “When you’re in the military, the only thing coming at you is military information. It’s just like being in America: You are totally brainwashed. Everything around me supported the war in Vietnam, so I bought into it.”

And so it goes.



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Mateo R

“Globalization needs regulation, but everyone is reluctant to demand it for fear that it may discriminate against them.” [McMafia (2008)]